Mayhew Foundation Tenth Anniversary Coin designed by Tsuneo Sanda


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10th Anniversary Challenge Coin Collection

Ten years ago, there was a need, and The Peter Mayhew Foundation was formed. In the ten years since its formation, we have answered crisis with compassion, disaster with deliveries, and disease with donations and distractions, and you have helped every step of the way.

You have Helped the Wookiee Give joy to thousands of seriously ill children through the delivery of toys. You have Helped the Wookiee Give hope and distraction to wildfire devastated communities through the delivery of much needed supplies for the first responders and comfort items and toys for displaced children. You have Helped the Wookiee Give financial and emotional support to families devastated by medical diagnoses. What will you Help the Wookiee Give next?

In celebration of all we have accomplished together, and looking forward to all the uplifting work not finished, we are offering a year long celebration. Our first item was the 10th anniversary patch, and our next offering is the first of three collectible challenge coins celebrating the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Our first coin, commemorating A New Hope features art from Tsuneo Sanda and Richard Gonzalez. Tsuneo-san is a Legendary Painter for LucasFilm and Disney and Richard Gonzalez has been designing Star Wars patches and coins for almost a decade.

For each $20 donation, you will receive one antique gold finish collectible challenge coin. For your $100 donation, one of the antique gold coins will be replaced with an exclusive black variant coin. Your coins are expected to begin shipping by the end of June.

The above art is the artist’s rendering and may change slightly in production.

Follow The Peter Mayhew Foundation on Facebook for updates on our current programs. We’ll be continuing our children’s hospital deliveries and shifting back to in-person events as it becomes possible. If you have a hospital you would like us to send toys to, a family that could use our help, or an organization that aligns with our goals, let us know.

Thank You for Ten Years of Giving,
Angie & the Peter Mayhew Foundation Team